1727 Moose Lodge Dart League Game On Good Luck To ALL!!

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 Welcome to the home for all things darts at your
Moose Lodge 1727 / WOTM 1415, Lynchburg South!

General Notes From The League
Week 9 pin earned- Paul- hat trick

Just a reminder with the pending international tournament just around the corner. This is OUR HOUSE and we are here to help support the dart community. Anyone not throwing or just available between events please help us make this a great outing. There will be plenty to help out with so please offer to give a hand.

Please note that Thursday the 23rd has been moved to the 30th. We will be having a blind draw that night so that we can include those that are in town early for the International Tournament.
This will be a $7 buy in.
Chicago Style (01/Cricket/Choice)
Would like it to be Dbl. Elim. but will be determined by the number of players involved.

Upcoming Special Events
21st Annual
International Tourney
April 24th - 26th, 2015
Lynchburg-South Moose
Family Center #1727, VA.

5th Annual
VMA Summer Classic
' Summer Slam ' Tourney
June 26th - 28th, 2015
Lodge to be announced

VMA Fall Classic
State Tournament
October 16th - 18th, 2015
Hopewell Moose
Family Center #1472



   If you need information about the league or to let us know anything about scheduling, team changes, upcoming special events...etc.
Please contact Doc Ellis.



Email Us: 1727 Darts Site