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Welcome to the home for all things darts at your
Moose Lodge 1727 / WOTM 1415, Lynchburg South!

General Notes From The League
Special thanks to Denise Wooldridge, who will be helping out by taking care of the paperwork this session.

We will be doing the 50/50's this session. Any help in running those each week would be greatly appreciated. All money raised will be set aside for the reinvestment into the league and it's players!

Week 1-Jennifer- Hat Trick
Week 4- Helen-Hat Trick, Rodney- 9 Mark, Willie- Hat Trick
Week 5- Dan- 9 Mark

Week 6 pins earned- Willie- 2 hat tricks

Week 7 pins earned- Willie-9 Mark

Week 8 Pins- Drew-hat trick, Willie-hat trick, Andrew-hat trick.

Week 9 Pins- Rodney- hat trick,

Upcoming Special Events

Info on up coming Moose Games Click Here

   If you need information about the league or to let us know anything about scheduling, team changes, upcoming special events...etc.
Please contact Dan DuMey or Doc Ellis.

The link located at the bottom of the page will allow you to send Dan an E-Mail, please feel free to drop a note about things you are seeing or would like to see. Remember this site is for ALL the players in the league and your input helps a lot.



Email Us: 1727 Dart League