1727 Moose Lodge Dart League Session 2 Starting Soon!

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Welcome to the home for all things darts at your
Moose Lodge 1727 / WOTM 1415, Lynchburg South!

Upcoming New Session Meeting
September 4th 7:00 P.M.

General Notes From The League
The start of the new session is fast approaching! We hope that your "time off" has been an enjoyable time spent with family and friends. As we approach the start of the new session please start thinking about you teams as well as inviting new faces to come along for the ride. Weather your team will be returning in tact or you are putting together a new one we need to hear from you ASAP as we need to get the schedule in place. Please don't assume we "just know" you are returning. If you do NOT see your team name on the roster please use the email at the bottom of the page to let us know!

Due to the long off season we have decided that the September 4th date will be used to finalize the upcoming session. during the off time members have voiced a few concerns and ideas, we will ALL vote on these as well as open the floor to anything new.
Points raised:
1) Raising the cost from $3 to $5 to have better payouts
2) Bringing back the 50/50's so we can help with the cost of new boards and sponsoring teams to "main" events
3) Reinforcing the "Sub" rules and clarifying a point of contention
4) Payout for the wining team of league play as well as the finals
These are a few of the main things please bring your thoughts about these as well as anything else to the meeting.

Upcoming Special Events
VMA Fall Classic
State Tournament
October 18th - 19th, 2014
Manassas Lodge #1380


   If you need information about the league or to let us know anything about scheduling, team changes, upcoming special events...etc.
Please contact Dan DuMey or Doc Ellis.

The link located at the bottom of the page will allow you to send Dan an E-Mail, please feel free to drop a note about things you are seeing or would like to see. Remember this site is for ALL the players in the league and your input helps a lot.



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