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Dartboard Layout Playing Cricket Playing '01 Games

The Dartboard

Dart Board Height:
The center of the bullseye should be exactly 5 Feet 8 Inches from the floor.
Dart Board Distance: The dart board face should be 7 feet 9 1/4 inches from the throw line.
Diagonal Distance: If you do the first two steps correctly the diagonal distance from the center of the bullseye to the throw line will be 9 feet 7 3/8".
Dart Board: The diameter of the dart board should be a maximum of 18 inches, but is typically 17 3/4".

Other things to remember: Most dart boards are about 1 1/2" thick, so be sure to measure from the front of the board and not the wall. Also be sure to consider the area you will be mounting the dartboard, you will need some decent lighting and a couple of extra feet behind the throw line to allow for the back leg to stretch out. Be sure to install some type of backboard or cabinet to go with the board, everyone misses on occasion and you never know what level of player will show up to throw some darts.

A dartboard measures 17 3/4" in diameter and has 20 equal pies with each pie containing a double ring and a triple ring. The double ring is the outermost ring on the dartboard and is double the number of the pie. The triple ring is the interior ring and it is worth triple points of whatever pie number it is in. The bullseye also has an outer ring which is worth 25 points, the center of the bullseye is worth 50 points.

How To Score The Board
A pie slice of the board
This would
be the "20"
point slice
A dart here would be worth 20 points A dart here would be worth double or 40 points A dart here would be worth triple or 60 points This is a single bullseye and worth 25 points This is a double bullseye and worth 50 points


Playing Cricket

Object of Cricket:
Cricket is the most popular dart game there is. The object is to hit the numbers from 15-20 and the bullseye three times each, which in return "closes" that number out. Once you have closed a number out and your opponent has not, you can now score on that number by hitting it again. The player with the highest points scored at the end of the game wins.

Playing Cricket: Player 1 begins by throwing 3 darts at the number of his choice(15-20/bullseye), every time one of the numbers is hit, one mark is put up by that number. If you throw a double it is worth 2 marks, a triple is worth 3. After player 1 throws 3 darts, player 2 would then take their turn throwing 3 darts. Once a player has 3 marks on a number it is now closed out. If the opposing player has not closed out that same number, anytime that number is hit you will accrue points until the opposing player closes that number out. If you have closed out your 20's and your opponent has not and on your 3 darts you throw a triple 20, a double 20, and a single 20, you would get a total of 120 points. The strategy is to start throwing at the highest number of points first and working your way down.

Winning the game: To win the game you must close out all of the numbers and also have the high score. If you have closed out all of your numbers and your opponent still has a higher score, you will need to keep scoring on the numbers that they have not closed out. Once your score goes ahead, you win, if your opponent closes out all of their numbers before you pass their score they would win. In case of a tie score the first person to close out the numbers would win the game.

Playing '01 Games

Object of 01 :
The 01 dart games are amongst the most popular of dart games. The game starts with your score being either 301, 401, 501, 601, 701, 801, 901, Ect.. The object is to be the first one to get their score to zero. You subtract the dart thrown from you score at that time.

Playing 01: There are a couple different ways to start and finish the 01 games. You can play "Double In" or "Single In", to star the game. To play double in, the player throwing must hit a double before any points will be subtracted from their score, upon hitting the first double those points start the game for that player, and are subtracted from the starting score. To play single in, the player would just throw their 3 darts trying to get the highest score possible. You can also choose to finish the game with a "Double Out" or "Single Out". If you are playing double out the player must hit a double that takes their score to exactly zero, if you're playing single out the player must hit any number that takes their score to exactly zero. In both instances you must end with exactly zero, if you go below zero your score resets to what it was before you threw your 3 darts for that round. The most popular 01 game is the "Single In/ Double Out" Game.

Winning the game: To win the game you simply need to aim for the highest numbers until you get down to a reachable "out". You should be aiming for the triple 20 at the beginning of the game. Once you get down below 180, you will adjusting your throwing to be able to end the game within that particular throw. Below is a Dart Out Chart that you can study to help understand what you need to throw at based on what your score is.


For league information please see Doc Ellis
Or contact the lodge at (434)237-4360